Monthly Archives: December 2014

2014 Major Rising Trends and 2015 Forecasts

Cytegic continuously monitors the cyber threat landscape and analyzes various inputs to identify threat agents, attacks and controls, based on geo-political regions and business sectors. Our DyTA machine monitors thousands of quality sources (both structured and unstructured), detects daily, weekly and monthly trends, changes and events and incorporates them into Cytegic’s methodology and systems. DyTA

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For Every Action There Is a Cyber-Reaction

In recent years, it has become a known fact, that if a country or its government performs actions which may be perceived as ‘provocative’, it automatically becomes a viable target for hackers, and specifically Hacktivists. Cyber-reactions have become the norm when it comes to military operations, campaigns and even tensions between countries – for example,

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End of November Intelligence Update

Here’s our end of November Intelligence update. Don’t forget to tune in a month from now for our 2014 summary and 2015 assessment (alongside a few other surprises…). In the past month, Cytegic’s CIAC has observed the following events and developments which are either indicators of trends, independent significant issues, or are important enough to

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