Security is not a technology issue, it’s financial issue!

Cytegic’s Automated Cyber Risk Officer (ACRO) provides your organization with an end-to-end solution that encompasses the entire scope of cyber risk management. Our patented, scientific approach provides digital-related risk oversight across the entire organization enabling better use of security funds. Our cutting-edge technology provides best in class cyber risk management support with unprecedented accuracy, agility and friendliness.

Benefits of Cytegic’s Automated Cyber Risk Officer (ACRO)

  • Cyber Insurance – Increase your Coverage and Reduce your Premium
  • Better Use of Security Funds
  • Compliance and Internal Audit Cost Reductions
  • Risk Reduction

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Cytegic’s special place in the Cyber Risk arena received objective validation by Forrester study “Top Security Technology Trends to Watch 2017” –  recognized as a vendor to watch in the Cyber Risk Quantification field.