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The WannaCry Wave – The Cyber Risk Management Approach

By Dan Pastor The May 12th wave of global ransomware attacks using the WannaCry ransomware is another nail in the vulnerability management coffin. Attackers have exploited a known Windows vulnerability in order to propagate simple ransomware in unpatched systems, simultaneously, all over the globe and across multiple industries. These attack waves are usually not targeted

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What is the cyber ANPR and how does it impact financial institutions, its affiliate and third parties – part 2

As promised in part one of our ANPR blog series, this edition will discuss and review the three approaches and how your organization can leverage Cytegic to meet the requirements of the cyber ANPR. Though only a proposal, the ANPR has increased the level of concern within the regulatory community regarding cyber risk in financial organizations

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Cytegic Intelligence Report: Holiday Season 2016

By Liran Tzah Cytegic’s current intelligence report depicts the most interesting and active  cyber-trends that DyTA has analyzed surrounding this holiday season. Starting in November, through the end of January, we assessed and analyzed the main trends from the same time period in 2014-2015. In this months report we will discuss our finding’s on events

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Q3 2016 Intelligence Report

By Liran Tzah In Q3 of 2016, Cytegic’s Dynamic Trend Analysis (DyTA) platform validated most of its forecasts from the H1, 2016 Intelligence report. Our Q3 report depicts clear indicators of increased cyber-activity surrounding the US Presidential Campaign with aggressive activity coming from Russia. Personally Identifiable Information (PII) still remains the most targeted asset in

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2016 Presidential Election CIR

By Liran Tzah  Leading up to the 2016 Presidential Election on November 8th, Cytegic’s Dynamic Trend Analysis (DyTA) platform processed and analyzed hundreds of thousands of data points from multiple sources dating back to 2015. As we look at the threat and attack landscape spanning similar events over this time period we witness interesting and

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Cytegic’s May Intelligence Report

By Liran Tzah In May, Cytegic’s DyTA processed and analyzed hundreds of thousands of data points from multiple sources.  Here are some of the top trends we identified for the month: Since April, the amount of cyber activity worldwide has decreased by 25%, registering a 30% drop in three months. North America is still the

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Cyber Reputation Risk – a Myth?

By Elon Kaplan Cybersecurity may be one of the most evasive business risks to manage. Decision makers are bombarded with horror stories of firms losing their core assets due to reputation catastrophes following publications of cyber attacks and confidentiality breaches. Publishing numbers of records (preferably in the millions) stolen from large corporates always make headlines.

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