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The Impact of the Paris Terrorist Attacks on the European and North American Threat Landscape

On November 13th Paris, France experienced its severest terrorist attack in history, done by ISIS members and affiliates. The attack triggered a “cyber-war” between ISIS-affiliated hackers and the Anonymous Collective. Skirmishes like these occur almost regularly after a major terrorist attack between the two sides (as seen after previous attacks in France, Belgium and Denmark).

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Review of the new FFIEC Cybersecurity Assessment Tool

n light of the increasing volume and sophistication of cyber threats, organizations needs to identify their relevant risk, determine their cybersecurity posture and act upon it. That much is clear, but it is easier said than done. Organizations needs not only an agreed methodology to work by, but also a tool to help them achieve that goal and properly assess their threat landscape, control maturity and better prepare for the upcoming threats.
The FFIEC (Federal Financial Institutions Examination Council) has developed a Cybersecurity Assessment Tool, which was released on June 2015.

Big data analysis of Cyber activities throughout the month of Ramadan

The month of Ramadan is the holiest month in the Islamic calendar. During this month devoted Muslims spend their days praying and fasting, and all major activities grind to a halt. We set out to explore whether the halt in daily activities would also be reflected in hacking activities emanating from or to targeting Islamic nations.

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Copa America 2015 – a heaven for hackers

Everybody loves big sporting events. At least, every hacker… our latest analysis shows hackers’ behavior before and during the 2015 “Copa America” football championship in Chile. Cytegic DyTATM intelligence platform gathers, processes and analyses hundreds of thousands of intelligence feeds on a month basis, to allow a quick and understandable cyber-trend analysis. Using DyTATM intelligence platform we were able

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Cybersecurity management- it’s a numbers game

I’ve recently attended a cybersecurity conference. In addition to the industry regulars there were about 70 start up companies presenting in the start up pavilion. There was a definite division of technology among them- 80% dealt with detection (including mobile, SCADA/ ICS etc.) and the rest in various topics (DLP, MDM, management, intelligence etc.). This

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