Cyber Decision Support System


The Cyber Decision Support System (CDSS) correlates information based on technical indicators, intelligence trends and security systems monitoring data. The CDSS dashboard displays the real-time security status for an organization and measures the degree of readiness for specific cyber threats. The CDSS solution enables business IT managers to simulate “what if” scenarios for potential cyber threats and determine optimal resource allocation to mitigate risk for each asset.


Technology Platform

The Cytegic Decision Support System technology platform includes a complete suite of risk assessment and simulations tools and utilities.

Cyber Decision Support System



The CDSS enables managers to assess cyber threats and mitigate risks to business assets:

  • Collection: Integrate internal security control data with cyber intelligence information.
  • Processing: Correlate between security controls and potential cyber threats per asset.
  • Analysis: Simulate what-if scenarios to determine optimal resource allocation.
  • Reporting: Generate real-time security readiness dashboard, notifications and alerts in addition to periodic system control maturity reports.



The CDSS technology platform delivers these benefits:

  • Built for Managers: Gain direct access to actionable intelligence and decision making tools.
  • Single, Unified Display: View the security status of the entire organization on a single dashboard.
  • Enhanced Decision Making: Identify risk areas, prioritize mitigation actions and allocate required security resources.
  • Improved Performance: Utilize business KPIs and real-time operational data to improve daily cybersecurity operations and business impact.