Today’s enterprise IT security departments uses a multitude of defensive technologies, such as perimeter security, IDS, SIEM, DLP, access management and others. With this large amount of different functioning technologies in place it has become extremely difficult for organizations to monitor these systems with a unified view, creating a lack of visibility into the organization’s cyber-security maturity.

Cytegic is the first cybersecurity management solution designed for an executive audience, as it translates complex cyber-readiness analysis into intuitive dashboards and reports that provide board-level understanding of organizational preparedness and the business impact of potential threats.


With Cytegic you know…

Know Your Enemy: Know where the threats to your organization are coming from. Know who your attackers are and how they will attack you. Know what skills and capabilities they have. Know which assets are at risk.

Know How Good Your Defenses Are: Know what defenses are in place throughout your organization. Know how they are configured and their level of maturity. Know what attack methods and vectors they will repel and know how to combine them for cooperative action.

Make Good Decisions: Make the right decisions on where, how much and how often to spend the limited dollars for defense. Make sure that the right people and processes are working to protect the organization.

Implement Defenses Correctly: Translate good decisions into effective implementations. Make sure technology choices and operational processes are managed properly.

Quickly Respond to Change:Continuously respond to incoming intelligence on threats. Continuously monitor the status of your defenses and observed changes in the cyber landscape. Move quickly to preempt attacks by realigning defensive resources.

Promote Good Practices: Leverage the work done by regulators and industry watchers to make sure that cyber defensive actions