Cyber Maturity Assessment

The Cyber Maturity Assessment (CyMA) solution is a unified cybersecurity management system that automates the collection, processing and analysis of security control data. CyMA enables Chief Information Security Officers (CISO) to assess organizational cybersecurity maturity levels based on aggregative data and indicators of maturity collected from security controls. The CyMA dashboard can be deployed as a standalone security management solution or integrated as part of the complete Cybersecurity Decision Support System (CDSS).


Technology Platform

The CyMA technology platform includes a complete suite of security maturity assessment tools and applications.

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The Cyber Maturity Assessment product enables organizations to automatically collect, process and analyze the widest range of security control data.

  • Collection: Gather data automatically from a wide range of IT security and support systems.
  • Processing: Automate the extraction and conversion of raw system data into meaningful security performance and readiness indicators.
  • Analysis: Analyze security control data and compare with known industry standards and best practices
  • Reporting: Generate real-time security readiness dashboard, notifications and alerts in addition to periodic system control maturity reports.


Customer Benefits

The CyMA technology platform delivers these benefits:

  • Efficient Data Handling: Automate processes to increase accuracy of data monitoring and reduce work effort.
  • Unified Perspective: Gain a comprehensive, integrated system-wide view of cybersecurity controls and defence mechanisms.
  • Enhanced Visibility: View real-time status and maturity of cybersecurity controls via intuitive dashboard.
  • Powerful Drill Down: Get instant access to raw system data for any cybersecurity control or subsystem.