Dynamic Trend Analysis

The Dynamic Trend Analysis (DyTA) solution is an innovative intelligence analytics platform that enables cyber Intelligence analysts to identify cyber threats related to geopolitical regions and business sectors, based on data from online open sources and technical cyber feeds. DyTA automates the gathering, processing and analysis of data, and generates specific and actionable cyber threat forecasts, based on built-in pattern analysis capabilities.



The DyTA technology platform includes a complete suite of analytical tools and applications.

Dynamic Trend Analysis




The DyTA system enables managers to assess cyber-threats and mitigate risks to business assets: Cytegic’s Dynamic Trend Analysis enables you to identify, analyze and forecast potential cyber-threat trends relevant to your organization.

Data Collection: Integrate internal security control data with cyber intelligence information.

  • Semantic Analysis: Automate the analysis and synthesis of entities for any geopolitical and business sector context.
  • Behavior Profiling: Generate contextual intelligence about attacker activity patterns during the entire event life cycle.
  • Forecasting: Generate real-time security readiness dashboard, notifications and alerts in addition to periodic system control maturity reports.



The DyTA technology platform delivers these benefits:

  • Know Your Adversary: Identify the objectives and capabilities of attackers relevant to your organization.
  • Measure Threat Level: Quantify threats by different adversaries to specific business assets.
  • Increase Readiness: Utilize advanced forecasting methods to prepare your organization for potential cyber-threats.
  • Enhance Collaboration: Export intelligence to internal and external systems to increase awareness and preparation.