For the first time, Cytegic products are available for live demo at the Cybertech 2015 conference!

Hi All,
We are excited to invite you to come over to our booth at Cybertech 2015 startup pavilion.

At our booth you will be able to experience first had our 3 Products and meet the team.
You will be able to demo all of our systmes in our booth:
• CyMA (Cyber Maturity Assessment) is Cytegic’s continuous monitoring solution, addressing the critical need of monitoring and presenting the status of security controls to decision makers.

• DyTA (Dynamic Trend Analysis) is a cutting-edge automated intelligence processing product, designed to collect any type of digital information, analyze it and forecast future occurrences based on past attack patterns.

• CDSS (Cyber Decision Support System) is a BI decision support module for cybersecurity managers, which fuses technical indicators, intelligence trends and security systems monitoring.

We are looking forward to a great event! Hope to see you there!