#OpIsrael Reborn – Is Anonymous preparing another campaign against Israel?

#OpIsrael Reborn – Is Anonymous preparing another campaign against Israel?

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AnonGhost, part of the Hacktivist collective Anonymous, recently (August 7th) declared a new “Call to Arms” for a continuation campaign against Israel on September 11th. As you may recall, the collective organized a rather large campaign mostly against Israeli government sites and financial institutions, on April 7th, called “#OpIsrael”. The campaign, despite the fact that it incorporated many Anonymous “members”, did not reach up to its creators’ expectations, with minimal damage caused to Israeli sites and networks. That campaign consisted mostly of DDoS and SQLi attacks, and managed to only partially impair service to small-to-medium size sites. This time, the Hacktivist collective is promising to simultaneously attack main servers, belonging to the government and financial institutions, saying they have learnt from past operations.

Very recently (August 8th), Anonymous and its affiliates have undertaken one of their biggest and most successful campaigns to date, taking down ALL of Gabon’s government sites, under #OpGabon. This campaign consisted, as well, mainly of DDoS attacks, but unlike #OpIsrael or the infamous #OpAbabil was extremely successful. In accordance with that, in the past few months, Cytegic has been following a significant improvement trend in DDoS capabilities and capacities, mainly on the Hacktivist front.

The recent announcement comes after a few months of hiatus on Anonymous’ side, regarding attacks on Israel. In the announcement, the group mentioned it is going after all Israeli Government and Financial Institution, with the intent to cause financial damage. We believe that despite the minor damage caused by the original #OpIsrael, those institutions should prepare for the attack, and not disregard it.

The group has already begun a preliminary round of attacks, but for the time being, it seems that all defaced sites are small sites, unrelated to the government of the financial sector.