Intelligence Based Cyber Security Management 

Cytegic serves the strategic cyber security needs of organizations by making itself the focal point of all defensive posture information and intelligence for decision making on where to allocate precious resources.

It assists senior managers to help understand where the threats are, what kind of attacks to expect and how well postured they are for protecting business assets in non technical jargon.

Cytegic Major Component Overview

Cytegic accomplishes these objectives by including the capabilities of three major security functions:
– Security Performance Management.
– Proprietary Threat Landscape Intelligence.
– Providing what-if simulation, analytics and executive reporting.

Cytegic’s Benefits

  • Translates security data into intuitive dashboards and metrics
  • Guides security optimization decisions
  • Prioritize threats based on business risk
  • Optimize defenses where needed most
  • Assess overall effectiveness of systems
  • Determine how systems work in concert
  • Automated, real-time cyber assessments
  • Contextual insights into threats
  • Predict targets and motivations of attacks
  • Compute probability of attack succeeding
  • Prepare defenses against new threats
  • Simulate impact of changes in defenses on overall security posture