Automated Cyber Risk Officer

Cytegic’s cyber risk platform provides an automated end-to-end solution that encompasses the entire scope of cyber risk management. Cytegic’s scientific approach provides digital-related risk oversight across the entire organization. The Cutting-edge patented technology provides best in industry cyber risk management with unprecedented accuracy, agility and friendliness . Cytegic Provides you with recommendations on specific operational defensive actions while helping determine which resources should be allocated to match risk tolerance and business strategy.


The Cybersecurity Management Solution



  • Business driven solution: Visibility across the organization to ensure cyber risks are addressed in the broadest relevant manner, with the business outcomes at the forefront

  •  Analytical: Allowing the cyber risk and security team to focus and address the business needs

  •  Operational: Advise as to the course of action to be taken

  •  Intelligent: Continuously updated with quantified intelligence so there are no loose ends

  •  Accurate: Cutting edge patented technology enabling any organization make data driven decisions

  •  No more guessing: Drive a “no surprises” approach in ensuring that the risks in the organization are well known and understood

  •  Holistic: maintain and oversee the Technology and Information Security Risk Governance Framework and associated policies and standards

  •  Saves Time, Resources and Money