Automated Cyber Risk Officer

Cytegic’s cyber risk platform provides an automated end-to-end solution that encompasses the entire scope of cyber risk management. Cytegic’s scientific approach provides digital-related risk oversight across the entire organization. The Cutting-edge patented technology provides best in industry cyber risk management with unprecedented accuracy, agility and friendliness . Cytegic Provides you with recommendations on specific operational defensive actions while helping determine which resources should be allocated to match risk tolerance and business strategy.

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Better Use of Security Funds

With Cytegic machine learning you can optimize the utilization of your existing investments and identify how you get the best results from your security funds and manpower. Progress beyond subjective perceptions of control maturity.  Use ACRO iterative processes to optimally zero in on filling the gaps in defenses before spending your first dollar.

Cyber Insurance – Increase your Coverage and Reduce your Premium

ACRO is the tool for risk quantification for every type of organization serving both insurers and insured companies. ACRO’s financial wizard provides financial impact simulation to ensure appropriate coverage on one hand and premium optimization on the other. Renegotiate your data insurance coverage and premiums.

Risk Reduction

Cyber risk is the current balance between attacks deployed by threat agents and the aggregated stop power of all organizational controls protecting business assets. With all the “cyber fashion” out there you may find yourself putting your scarce resources where it just doesn’t move the needle. ACRO budget and remediation optimization process provides simple, practical and cost effective course of action to reduce cyber risk. Constantly reevaluate your current security plans as the threat landscape and business needs change.

Compliance and Internal Audit Cost Reductions

Working with external vendors and consulting firms to assess cyber risk and security is extremely expensive, long, and probably obsolete the day you received the report.  Your efforts to implement recommended remediation plans are seldom ROI driven. ACRO brings continuous intelligent decision support system to bear on continuously shifting threat landscape with iterative organization control maturity assessment for auditors, minimizing effort by the company and provides objective actionable results to BOD, C-level executives, risk and compliance officers.


  • Business driven solution: Visibility across the organization to ensure cyber risks are addressed in the broadest relevant manner, with the business outcomes at the forefront

  •  Analytical: Allowing the cyber risk and security team to focus and address the business needs

  •  Operational: Advise as to the course of action to be taken

  •  Intelligent: Continuously updated with quantified intelligence so there are no loose ends

  •  Accurate: Cutting edge patented technology enabling any organization make data driven decisions

  •  No more guessing: Drive a “no surprises” approach in ensuring that the risks in the organization are well known and understood

  •  Holistic: maintain and oversee the Technology and Information Security Risk Governance Framework and associated policies and standards

  •  Saves Time, Resources and Money