Ransomware, Cryptolocker, Locker… the hype is real

For the past few months, Cryptolocker, the advanced Ransomware, has been infecting thousands of users, mainly throughout North America and Europe. While the malware targets individuals, companies and organizations also face a great risk. Last month, a low-profile but highly significant incident occurred, when a US police station caved into the financial hackers’ demands, after Cryptolocker hit one of their computers. This case in significant due to the fact that it emphasizes that this advanced malware is a viable threat not only to individuals but to organizations as well.

And, as if Cryptolocker is not enough, a new copycat Ransomware called Locker is now gaining momentum and becoming a real threat. Financial hackers have realized the immense potential that Ransomware holds and are building new tools daily. We assume that Ransomware infections and copycats will continue to rise and pose a serious threat to organizations worldwide.

What this type of malware does is infect systems, whether Mac or PC, through drive-by-downloads or infected emails. The malware then encrypts, or locks, “important” files on the infected system and shows a ransom demand in order release the files.

Companies should enlighten employees about the subject and update their awareness and training policies to include Ransomware prevention. The emphasis should continue to be on the awareness and avoidance for clicking unsecure links, especially in emails. In addition, it is important to make sure you always have a backup of your important data, at all times.

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