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Big data analysis of Cyber activities throughout the month of Ramadan

The month of Ramadan is the holiest month in the Islamic calendar. During this month devoted Muslims spend their days praying and fasting, and all major activities grind to a halt. We set out to explore whether the halt in daily activities would also be reflected in hacking activities emanating from or to targeting Islamic nations.

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Highlights from our monthly Big Data analysis report (Produced by DyTA)

Cytegic DyTATM intelligence platform gathers, processes and analyses hundreds of thousands of intelligence feeds on a month basis, to allow a quick and understandable cyber-trend analysis. DyTATM enables cyber-intelligence analysts and CISOs to understand and analyze the threat level of each attacker and attack method relevant to their organization, according to their geo-political region, industry sector and corporate

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The CIO Catch 22- you must innovate,but do so without increasing risk (By Mr. Eli Frank, Former CIO)

CIOs are required to lead the innovation in their organizations, and some even call them to lead “digital business transformation” and to transform even traditional enterprises into the digital era. But innovation comes with inherent risks, and CIOs are required to mitigate these risks and minimize them as much as possible. So innovation leads to

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