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OpIsrael 2015- Trend and pattern analysis (Produced by DyTA)

Cytegic DyTATM intelligence platform gathers, processes and analyses hundreds of thousands of intelligence feeds on a month basis, to allow a quick and understandable cyber-trend analysis. DyTATM enables cyber-intelligence analysts and CISOs to understand and analyze the threat level of each attacker and attack method relevant to their organization, according to their geo-political region, industry sector and corporate

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Cybersecurity management- it’s a numbers game

I’ve recently attended a cybersecurity conference. In addition to the industry regulars there were about 70 start up companies presenting in the start up pavilion. There was a definite division of technology among them- 80% dealt with detection (including mobile, SCADA/ ICS etc.) and the rest in various topics (DLP, MDM, management, intelligence etc.). This

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