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Cytegic’s ACRO allows senior decision makers primarily the CIO, CFO, Business Owners and Boards to demystify
cyber risk into something that is simple, actionable and quantifiable and translates to dollars and cents. ACRO
allows their organizations to become truly proactive and operational regarding the management Cyber Risk
instead of catering to the needs of technologies that strike and disappear out of nowhere.

Become a partner
Become a partner

Cytegic’s mission is to provide organizations of all sizes, with the capability to proactively navigate the complexities of Cyber Risk Management.

With a simple cloud based platform, Cytegic provides exceptional
business value that increases organizational asset protection
while generating optimal use of security funds. Cytegic takes the
guesswork out of antiquated Cyber Risk Management processes
by providing an automated solution and trusted ally.

About us

Cytegic’s scientific approach provides digital-related risk
oversight across the entire organization.

With Cutting-edge patented technology, Cytegic’s Automated Cyber Risk Officer
provides best in industry cyber risk management with unprecedented
accuracy, agility and friendliness. ACRO provides you with recommendations on
specific operational defensive actions while helping determine which resources
should be allocated to match risk tolerance and business strategy.

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