Cytegic Intelligence Report: Holiday Season 2016

Cytegic Intelligence Report: Holiday Season 2016

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By Liran Tzah

Cytegic’s current intelligence report depicts the most interesting and active  cyber-trends that DyTA has analyzed surrounding this holiday season. Starting in November, through the end of January, we assessed and analyzed the main trends from the same time period in 2014-2015. In this months report we will discuss our finding’s on events such as Black Friday, Cyber Monday and forecast cyber activity leading into the New Year.

For a snapshot of some of the reports highlights please see below:

  • The most used TTP in the past six weeks has been email social engineering, accounting for almost a quarter of all attacks. It is followed by denial of service and ransomware, accounting for 20% and 19% of attacks, respectively. The use of email social engineering and denial of service has increased by 4.5 times since 2015 and by 9 times since 2014, in this time-period, continuing the observed trend. The use of ransomware, the third most used TTP this year, has increased by 3.5 times since 2015 and by more than 30 times since 2014, in this time-period.
  • The most targeted sector in past six weeks has been government, subjected to almost a fifth of the cyber activity surrounding North American industries, this naturally can be attributed to the presidential elec­tions. Retail is the fifth most targeted sector during this time-period in both 2016 and 2015, subjected to 6%-7% of the overall activity. This, as opposed to an average of 5% as the sixth-seventh most targeted industry throughout the rest of the year.
  • When analyzing the most targeted assets in retail in North America throughout the year, it is clear to see the major rise before and during the holiday season. The most significant rises in this time-period were in payment cards and financial transactions, corresponding with the behavior of consumers in retailers. This pattern was seen in previous years as well.

In our latest report it is evident that the days surrounding the holiday season and its online shopping campaigns show clear, observable patterns regarding specific cyber activity and expected industries of impact. To receive greater detail on our findings and learn about our forecast and methods for preparedness leading into the New Year please download the full report here.