CIS Benchmark Parameters for Consultants

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August 27th, a leader in the Cyber Risk Quantification arena has announced the implementation of CIS benchmark parameters into their already robust platform. Based in Tel-Aviv Israel with offices in New York City, Cytegic is streamlining how consultants assess, mitigate and manage Cyber Risk across their valued network of clients. Via automation, Cytegic’s Automated Cyber Risk Officer (ACRO) provides revolutionary capability that saves consultants in the enterprise and SMB space 60% of the time, effort and budget conducting a viable and operational Cyber Risk Assessment.

Cytegic’s CEO, Elon Kaplan states “By listening to the direct needs of our customers, Cytegic is constantly evolving and expanding our capability across all major standards and frameworks.” The CIS benchmark parameters are the most current addition in a series of updates that Cytegic is currently working on implementing.

CIS benchmarks are the best practices for the secure configuration of a target system. These benchmarks are widely adopted by organizations around the globe. Cytegic’s ACRO allows consultants to easily evaluate the defensive maturity of an organizations system based the CIS benchmarks. Not only do these benchmarks evaluate the defensive maturity level of a system, they also evaluate the risk of the environment or critical business process.

Though these benchmark parameters do not represent the CIS standard in entirety, which consists of the CIS 20 critical controls, it is the first step in providing insight and guidance on this critical standard. With the full CIS standard on Cytegic’s roadmap, this is one example of how Cytegic has remained nimble in providing instant and accessible value to consultants in the Cyber Risk arena.

To learn more about how Cytegic can help your consultancy quickly and accurately assess Cyber Risk, while putting your focus on planning and implementing remediation and mitigation projects. Please click here.